Barcode is a live stream mini-series that will feature live performances, comical skits and interactive tools so fans can connect with their favorite talent through virtual meet and greets, Q&As with CyHi, exclusive merchandise, live chat functions and more. YouTube Rodeo has partnered with CyHi to produce Barcode’s interactive “Collect Calls'' providing an opportunity for viewers to speak and ask questions to the cast of Barcode.

It has been three years+ since Cyhi has released any music, with that being said the concept behind himself being a part of barcode is that the industry has imprisoned him but there will be a way for him to be bonded out and brought out as a revamped artist. Barcode will be set in a prison named Ivy State Correctional Facility where the cast will be a part of comical skits and content containing Comedians, Influencers, Chefs, and Personal Fitness Coaches. In a segment of the show fans will be asked for donations where a portion of proceeds will assist with the release of the EGOT album, fund prison reform initiatives and assist with medical attention for a multitude of prison facilities.